Freedom of time….

Freedom of time….I have been thinking more and more about how much fun I am having as a FT Work from Home Professional. Like I have mentioned in previous blog posts I love to work, I love my job because I love helping others, am now living out my passion and I love working with others but my main priority is Financial Security. Last year I began thinking about what I Really Wanted. Well…..I finally figured it out. With more clarity, setting priorities and my Beachbody Coaching continuing to thrive I decided I wanted complete Financial Security! Yep, I want a house!

The stipulation I put down on it was that I I had to be making greater than 2K a week and that my down payment would be at least 100K Cash. With Big Dreams, comes big goals with my Beachbody Coaching. Coaching already pays all of my monthly bills, just not quite at the point of being able to sock extra money away.

Recently I found out that my sister had become unemployed, so one of my weekly paychecks have been going to her to help her and my niece get back on their feet.

So instead of a set back, this just makes me work harder with a great reward to look forward to. In February, I wrote out my goals, my plan and reversed-engineered my goals to take it step by step of what I needed to do to achieve them. My first goal was to increase my team by 5 Coaches a week, and my second goal was getting to 5 Star Diamond in my Coaching with Beachbody. This is simply a new title and position that would qualify me for a new increase in my quarterly bonus.

So here it is, February 22nd, in black and white.

Now time to get back to work err FUN!


I never imagined that being a Coach with Beachbody I would be able to live out my passion for helping others get healthy and fit but really teach them how to make a Lifestyle change. There are so many fad diets, pills, shakes, meals, etc…on the market and I wanted nothing to do with this. I simply always have only wanted to help be that difference in someones life and help improve self confidence, reach goals and live a healthy and fulfilling life of happiness. Beachbody has provided me with these tools. Beachbody has now provided me with more time with the ones I love most; my family and friends. Beachbody has also provided us with opportunities to create and make some awesome memories, friends, goals that I never would have thought would happen and the financial means to do so much more for others and for my family. Most importantly Beachbody has given me “extra time” that I have always wanted. I know there is only 24 hrs in the day and we all have that same 24 hrs, but holy smokes I was working my life away, running around crazy and not even realizing what I was missing out on until now. Until now, I can live out my passion of helping others live healthy and fulfilling lives and making lifestyle changes while being extremely successful in doing so. I have more time to spend going to lunch with friends, just visiting and really just enjoying my time.

Freedom of time is amazing and I have never had this without living paycheck to paycheck as a result. We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life but when you stop and realize and really think about what you would like to change, it could be simply making a list of goals. Making that list, having a focus, a mindset change and a drive and desire to make it happen. This is what I did and slowly I have made steps to get here. I still have more goals in life and big plans, but I tell you with the focus, drive, motivation and desire I will get there if it is God’s will. Think about how your life, your stress and your well being would change if you had a little more freedom of time! Have a beautiful and fun filled weekend!