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If you are looking for Shakeology sample trial packs, YOU have come to the right place!
3-Flavor-Shakeology - Shakeology Trial Packs I have been using Shakeology for over 16 months now. It is how I start every day to ensure I kick start my metabolism & fuel my body properly. I love it! I’m a total addict, and need it daily to meet the demands of a busy business owner! Shakeology has played a huge role in helping keep my energy levels up and my cholesterol down. My digestion has improved. And people constantly ask me, “Where do you get all your energy?” One simple answer …. I drink Shakeology!
Because of my experience, I started sharing this with my friend and family. Heck even our family dentist is hooked on the stuff!!! Lots of people want to try Shakeology but are taken back by the cost ($120-125/month), I understand I was too at first. However, when you use Shakeology to replace one meal a day, the cost is more than justified. Let’s look at what you would HAVE to eat & spend to get the same nutrition from a single serving.
  • 1 bowl exotic fruit, including gochi berry and acai berry ($4.40)
  • 4 cups raw broccoli ($3.94)
  • 7 whole carrots ($1.99)
  • 10 cups raw cauliflower ($4.30)
  • 3 cups romaine lettuce ($1.99)
  • 4 cups uncooked mushrooms ($8.97)
  • 3 raw onions ($2.91)
  • 1 cup peas ($1.09)
  • 4 cups red radishes ($5.16)
  • 4 cups non-fat yogurt ($3.49)
  • 1 shot wheat grass ($1.95)

Total $41.19
Shakeology Ingredients
Multiply that by 30 servings and that means you are getting $1230.70 worth of food for $119.95. That, my friend, is a SUPER BARGAIN!!! I used to spend anywhere from $7-$13 running into sandwich stops or sitting in drive thru’s thinking I was saving time & money. Now I spend $4 for a fast, simple, tasty meal on the go that I can have done before you can even place an order at one of those places! I am putting something into my body that is extremely healthy, keep me full for the next 3-4 hours, and boost my energy throughout the day. Take a look at the comparison charts below …. WOW!
Shake-vs-Coffee Drinks
Shakeology vs Competitors
So, you’ve made it this far and have decided that you NEED to see what the hype is about. Now What?
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